10 Things I Loved About the Royal Wedding…

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 21.09.37

1. The glorious weather.

2. Spending the entire day drinking Prosecco and watching TV with friends.

3. Eating my own body weight in scones slathered with clotted cream and strawberry jam (…or should that be strawberry jam and clotted cream? #thegreatdebate).

4. Meghan’s mother’s anti-establishment nose stud (albeit a diamond one for the big day).

5. The gospel choir’s slick hairdos, harmonious wardrobe palette and delectable, glowing brown skin (courtesy of Space NK – I checked).

6. The crazy American pastor about to spontaneously combust with his ‘fire’ theme.

7. Meghan’s giant, frightened eyes wondering when and where this holy ode to arson would end.

8. The Queen shifting uncomfortably in her seat when he slipped slavery into the wedding sermon.

9. Switching straight from the live coverage to Meghan & Harry: the (TV) movie just to watch the romance unfold all over again (which was so bad, it was bloody brilliant – just sorry we hadn’t left room for popcorn).

10. The knowledge that we won’t have to endure another never-ending wedding frenzy being shoved down our throats for at least 20 years (hopefully).

So as we pack away the bunting and commemorative tea towels, here’s to happily ever afters – royal or otherwise.

Cheers  : )


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