Special Delivery: The Pizza Man

Soooooo… last Sunday, I went to the pictures with two girlfriends and my little sister. Afterwards we went for pizza in a restaurant just down the road. I thought the waiter/manager was quite cute, albeit in a burly kind of way. He was friendly and there seemed to be a sweetness beneath that imposing physique.

Anyhoo, he served us our pizzas and the banter went no further than him offering to share my dessert because I said I couldn’t finish a whole one. We paid the bill and left – I waved at him through the window and presumed I’d never see him again. But he had other plans.

On Wednesday, I received a Facebook friend request. As I sat blinking at the screen, it soon dawned on me that the only way he could have found me was by Googling me. In order to Google me, he must have gotten hold of my name. And the only place he could have gotten hold of my name was from my credit card (he must have made a note of it when I paid my bill).

I was now faced with a bit of a dilemma: was this a case of ‘quick thinking’ or just plain old stalking? Maybe I left before he’d had a chance to ask for my number. Could this ever be perceived as a romantic gesture? Or was it all just a bit… rapey? I texted my friends for advice – initially, they were all encouraging me to go for it; I had quite fancied him, after all. But when I explained that he’d taken my name off my card and searched for me online, they were a little less enthusiastic. One even declared she was “worried” for my safety.

And then, out of nowhere, one of the girls I’d had pizza with – the black one – said the same guy had been messaging her on Tinder! It’s only when I started talking about it that she put two and two together and realised who he was! He’d shared all sorts of information with her – none of it romantic – and she suggested I warn my little sister as he was seemingly on a mission to bed every black female on the premises! The table next to us had been full of them – young, nubile ones, too – sitting ducks!!!! : 0 !!!

In the end I messaged him and explained that stealing details off my credit card in order to hunt me down and mount me was pretty out of order – but he doesn’t seem to think he’s done anything wrong, saying I could have always just declined the friend request (which I did, obviously). I’ve spared his blushes because I actually do think he’s alright, really – just another chancer/lothario. But if you’re black and female and thinking of heading out for a pepperoni in south London, perhaps you ought to consider paying with cash. Otherwise, you might get more than you bargained for. : )

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