Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 20.54.32

*Looks better in real life (allegedly). Mugshot by Kayla Williams-Edwards, aged 8

Vital Statistics:

4’10”. 37. SBF. PCish. GSOH. *LBIRL.
Storyteller. Holidayer. Oversharer.
Big dreams. No kids. One cat. And a blog.
Welcome to my world. 🤪🤓🤯

The Tellergram (aka Nadia Williams) is a chatty little south Londoner endeavouring to live her best life. She will bash out some good-humoured witterings once a week/once a month/once the mood takes her (sign up if you don’t want to miss out!) and stick them up for public perusal in a small step towards becoming the brown Roald Dahl (despite being told she’s more like the brown Bridget Jones). No tall tales here – all of these stories are 100% true. She wrote this, by the way. She just thinks third person sounds more fancy.

Call me ; )

Email: thetellergram@hotmail.com
Twitter: @thetellergram
Instagram: the_tellergram

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