– 4’10”
– 40
– PCish
– Storyteller
– Holidayer
– Oversharer
– Big dreams
– No kids
– One cat
– And a blog.
Welcome to my world. 🤪🤓🤯

The Tellergram (aka Nadia Williams) is a chatty little south Londoner endeavouring to live her best life. She will bash out some good-humoured witterings once a week once a month once in a blue moon (although she’s working on that – just sign up to keep track!) and stick them up for public perusal in a small step towards becoming the brown Roald Dahl (despite being told she’s more like the brown Bridget Jones). Everything aired is said with her whole chest, and all of these stories are 100% true. (She wrote this, by the way. She just thinks third person sounds more fancy.)

Call me ; )

Email: thetellergram@hotmail.com
Twitter: @thetellergram
Instagram: the_tellergram

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