Summer su-mmer-su-mmer time (oooooh summertime…)

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Hey guys! Hope you’re all doing good and having a better summer wherever you are than we’re having over here! While the rest of Europe is nicely sizzling in the tropical heatwave of global warming, we’re all digging our wellies out and trying to resist switching the heating back on – I mean it is August (allegedly).  : )

Sooooo… as you may have noticed, I’ve been kinda crap on the blogging front lately. And for that, I apologise. Really. I’m way more disappointed in myself than you are, trust me. But fear not – because I’m going to knuckle down this weekend and I have SOOOO much stuff to tell you! I’m slightly obsessed with the apocalypse of climate change but I think I’ll kick off with my review of July’s North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam and the outrageous, slightly racist conversation I had with one of the stewards (who was actually black himself)… : 0

Stay tuned (and dry!) x


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