Stop: Hanger Time

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 18.05.21A while ago in a moment of madness, I agreed to make bridal hangers for a friend of mine who is getting married later this month. It seemed like a good idea at the time and I do enjoy making stuff, so I figured it would be totally fine.

Have you seen these things? They’re all the rage at the moment on Etsy and Pinterest – a memento of the big day. You put the person’s name, role and wedding date on the hanger, and they are supposed to be used for the bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s suits.

My friend is super organised and dropped the hangers off about a month ago, as well as a bunch of marker pens. I had forever to make these pretty hangers, so I put them all in a safe place, promptly forgot all about them and carried on with my life. And then last week, I took another look at those photos she WhatsApp’d me as a guide. Pretty fiddly-looking, huh? : 0

Well I decided to finally have a go at making one of these things last week. Just in case you were thinking of having a go, the process goes a little something like this:

  • First, print off the names etc. in the font of your choice. Pour a glass of wine.
  • Next, scribble over the reverse of the paper in pencil, ensuring that all of the letters are covered on the other side and you’ve had a few sips of wine.
  • Tape the paper in place on the wooden hanger, pencil-side down. Using a ballpoint pen and a firm grip, press down hard and trace over the printed font taped in place on the hanger while taking regular sips from the glass of wine.
  • Remove paper and unveil the ghostly outline of your finger-cramp-inducing stencil that has just taken you half an age and about three attempts to trace. Go ahead and top up that glass of wine.
  • Watch Corrie, Family Guy and American Dad to hide from the task at hand for a blissful hour or two with a bagel-based snack.
  • Next, take the marker pen and begin to painstakingly fill in the stencilled outline as best you can while reaching for your glass of wine.

sam's hangerHere is the finished article. Turns out she’d requested pink…. : 0

What on earth was I thinking – I’m no calligrapher! The hangers taunt me, gleaming pristine and untouched in their plastic bags as judgment day looms.

It’s Friday night and I still have 16 of these wretched things to make by Sunday’s pre-wedding barbecue. SIXTEEN!!! There goes the weekend – better stock up on that vino.

: 0

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